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Joint pain oil is derived from natural extracts that help to treat the symptoms of joint pain and major issues like Rheumatism, Sciatica, Arthritis, Sprain, Spondylitis, Paralysis, Infantile Paralysis, Lumbago, etc.

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    Natural Ingredients

    Jamna’s Pain Kill Oil harnesses the potency of nature's goodness. Carefully selected herbal extracts, known for their pain-relieving properties, work harmoniously to alleviate your discomfort without the harshness of chemicals. 

    Reduce inflammation

    Herbal blend in our Ayurvedic massage oil exhibits potent anti-inflammatory properties. It helps reduce inflammation, swelling, and redness, aiding in the recovery process. 

    Muscle Relaxation

    Enjoy the benefits of muscle relaxation as the Pain Kill Oil eases tension in overworked muscles, whether it's due to an active lifestyle or long hours at work. 

    Traditional Wisdom

    Jamna’s Pain Kill Oil draws inspiration from traditional herbal remedies that have been trusted for generations to alleviate pain and discomfort 

    Boosts Mobility

    Our Pain Kill Oil relieves stiffness, and  promotes mobility by increasing flexibility. When it is applied regularly to the injured joint, it can lead to the joint becoming fully mobile again. 



    This adaptogenic herb not only reduces stress but also contributes to pain relief by addressing the underlying factors that intensify discomfort 


    Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Jyotishmithi helps reduce swelling and discomfort, promoting a sense of relief and relaxation. 

    Sounth (Ginger)

    With its warming effect, Sounth stimulates circulation and eases muscle tension, fostering a soothing sensation that melts your pain away. 


    Bharangi acts as an effective muscle relaxant, making it an essential component in relieving muscular discomfort. 


    A blend of ten potent roots, Dashmool synergizes to ease joint stiffness and promote overall physical ease, helping you reclaim your mobility. 


    Shatavari's rejuvenating properties aid in reducing muscle soreness, while its natural lubricating attributes promote flexible and agile joints.

    Customer Reviews
    • Sneha Chakoria verified
      16 Oct 2022

      Meri mummy ko joint pain kafi lamba samay se tha, aur ek din meri mausi ne hume Jamna ke Pain Kill Oil ke baare me bataya. Iske istemal ke kuch hi hafte baad unka joint pain, stiffness, sab gayab ho gaya, ab woh aaram se chal sakti hain. Unka kehna hai

    • Bipin Mourya verified
      09 Jan 2023

      Jamna's Pain Kill Oil is super cool. Earlier I was like, 'Man, my back is killin me.' But this oil, it's like mera naya saathi. It really helpd my back pain So glad I found this stuff!

    • Abhilash Sharma verified
      18 Sep 2023

      This Pain Kill Oil from Jamna is like magic, bhai! It helped my back and shoulder pain so much. I was suffering for a long time, but after using, no pain, full relief. Thank you, Jamna, for this Ayurvedic Oil !